Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support services include Macmillan nurses, other health and social care professionals, patient information and grants.

Macmillan works in partnership with the National Health Service, other statutory agencies, social care groups and the voluntary sector and is working towards the day when everyone in the UK has equal and ready access to the best information, treatment and care for cancer.

Support Services

Emotional Support

Macmillan Support Line is there for anyone who is worried about money or practical issues, has questions about treatment, or just wants someone to listen.


Move More seeks to ensure that people living with cancer are supported to become physically active, both before, during and after their treatment. Physical activity can have huge benefits- reduced fatigue, improved fitness and improved quality of life. That could mean gardening, joining a walking group or taking part in Gentle Movement classes or more traditional supervised gym-based programmes. It is about providing opportunities for people to get moving in an enjoyable way that suits their lifestyle.

Financial Advice

This service provides free, independent and confidential advice to any individuals undergoing treatment for cancer. It provides practical help on a range of matters including Benefits, Grants, Debt, Housing and Employment. As well providing advice on what benefits you may be eligible for; assist you in appealing a benefits decision; source other forms of financial support via Grants and help with applying for a Bluebadge.

Information for professionals

Health and Social Care Professionals will find tools, opportunities, and information to support them in their role. They can stay up to date with the latest news from Macmillan and access information and support for people affected by cancer.

Macmillan Nurses

The Charity is best known for its Macmillan nurses and there are now more than 3000 of them working throughout the UK using their specialist cancer nursing skills to control symptoms and manage pain. For people living with cancer and their families, Macmillan nurses are a source of expert information, advice and emotional support.

Networking and Socialising

Macmillan’s Online Community is a place where people affected by cancer can talk to others who understand what they are going through.

Practical Support

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, we can help. Find out what to expect, get information, practical advice and support, hear from experts and read about other people’s experiences. We offer vital emotional support and somewhere to turn when people affected by cancer need someone to chat to face-to-face and share their experience.

Wellbeing Support

Move More Scotland is an individually-tailored programme of physical activity support is designed to help people with cancer to become, and stay active, at a level that’s right for them, before during and after treatment.