Having to travel regularly to hospital for treatment can prove to be expensive. You may find that you are much more reliant on public or private transport to go shopping, to the library or anywhere else.

THInC (Transport to Healthcare Information Centre) is one organisation who can assist you. Members of the public and health or social care professionals can call the service for practical and free transport advice on travelling an appointment in the Grampian area.

THInC is open from 9am until 4.30pm Monday to Friday. For more information call 01467 536111, email or visit

Some other voluntary organisations have drivers who can take you for appointments or even to do your shopping. Community transport services for people, including those in wheelchairs, who have problems using public transport might also be available.

You can access advice to see if you are eligible for a bus pass, help with taxi costs or a disabled parking badge. Advice is also available on other transport-related issues including, for example, if you have problems wearing a seat belt because of medical reasons.