Maggie's Aberdeen is situated in the grounds of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. It is a warm, welcoming place where you can meet people who are experiencing the same things you are, find support groups specific to your needs and get advice and information from our small team of professionally trained staff.

Coming to Maggie's can help you to make positive changes to your lifestyle. Our psychological and emotional support has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety and depression. You don't need an appointment and all our support is free.

Support Services

Age-appropriate support

We provide support for anyone of any age affected by cancer. We support the person with the cancer diagnosis and also their families, friends and work colleagues. The support can be provided on an individual, couples, families or group basis.

Bereavement support

Our bereavement support is for anybody who has experienced bereavement due to cancer. We offer one to one support and also group support. You can talk to other people feeling the same and develop your own strategies for coping. The groups cover both emotional and practical concerns, from the impact of bereavement on daily life and other relationships to dealing with anniversaries and rebuilding your life.

Carer support

Carer support is provided to families and friends of a person with cancer on a 'drop in' basis, via our Caring for Someone with Cancer course or at our Friends and Family group. The course covers practical topics as well as learning ways to look after yourself. The group runs every 4 weeks and allows you meet with other carers in similar situations for group support.

Children, teens and family support

We can support children, teenagers and families affected by cancer on an individual or group basis. We hold a Kid's Day (at a weekend) to support children aged from 6 to 14 years old facilitated by our Psychologist and Cancer Support Specialist. The aim of these days is to help families talk more confidently about cancer, to share feelings about cancer within their family, and for children to become more knowledgeable about cancer, the hospital and cancer treatment. There is a visit to the treatment area, time for art and a fun lunch. The day is suited to any child affected by cancer - this may be a parent or other caregiver currently receiving treatment for cancer, or even when this treatment may have finished.

Counselling support

Our team with professional healthcare backgrounds (Psychologist and Cancer Support Specialists) provide emotional support to individuals, couples, families and groups utilising various methods.

Emotional support

Emotional support is provided in the Centre for anyone affected by cancer. No appointment is needed and you can access this support at anytime during your cancer experience. This might be one to one sessions with our qualified staff, group sessions with people in a similar situation, stress relieving courses or expressive therapies such as writing or art which might help you to understand what you are feeling.


Maggie's Aberdeen offers QiGong classes twice a week on a 'drop in' basis. These sessions are tailored to people with cancer and their carers. The class is a combination of gentle movement with a calm mental focus and regulated breathing so that the movements can help relax, strengthen and stretch the body.

Financial advice

We have a Benefits Advisor in the Centre who can help people affected by cancer to access and apply for any benefits and/or grants they may be entitled to. Our Benefits Advisor can help provide support with other welfare and practical issues. This support is mainly by appointment however people can 'drop in' for advice and support. we can also offer guidance around travel insurance questions.

Groups and social activities

Group support is available for people with any type of cancer, for people who have had cancer in the past, and for friends and families of those with cancer. We have specific support groups facilitated by our Psychologist ( Young Women's, Bereavement, Secondary Cancer, Friends and Family). We also have Networking Groups which are specific to cancer type and focus on informational needs. Each group provides an opportunity to talk to other people and share experiences. Groups offer a safe space to express emotions you may not want to share with your family. You may learn to develop your own ways of coping from listening to others.

Hair & beauty advice

We run a Talking Heads workshop facilitated by a hairdresser and Cancer Support Specialist which is specifically for people facing hair thinning or loss due to their cancer treatments. This class will offer practical and emotional support for anyone anticipating hair loss due to treatment. it will give the opportunity to discuss scalp care, hair care, wig care, hats and scarves whilst offering emotional and practical support in dealing with hair loss. We host 'Look Good Feel Better' workshops every two weeks in the Centre. This class is for women with a cancer diagnosis where they can learn how to care for their skin and apply make up in order to cope with the visible side-effects of cancer treatments. They are fun filled sessions and led by beauticians.

Nutrition advice

We offer a nutrition workshop offering practical support about eating well for people with cancer and their families and friends. This is led by a State Registered Dietician and Maggie's staff. Each workshop covers balanced diets, types of foods that are particularly good for you and why, and the best ways to eat both during and after treatment, with particular attention paid to treatment-related eating challenges.The workshop includes a healthy lunch around the kitchen table allowing time for peer support.

Practical support

Practical support at Maggie's Aberdeen includes advice on benefits and eating well, specialist support for managing hair loss and skin care during and after treatment. Getting Started is a workshop for anyone recently diagnosed with cancer, and their family and friends. the workshop will help you to understand cancer and its treatment - as well as potential side effects, how you can take control of them and general wellbeing. It can help you to take an active role in your treatment and recovery and is a way to ask questions and share experiences with other people going through the same things. Where Now? is for anyone facing life after cancer treatment. It can help you to find a new normality by addressing the physical, emotional and practical issues you might be facing now your treatment is over. Topics covered include emotional wellbeing, returning to work, exercise, healthy eating, keeping up momentum and staying on track.

Psychology Support

Our Psychologist provides specialist support for people to address a complex range of psychological issues through a variety of therapeutic approaches. They offer support across the age range from children to adults on an individual, couple and family basis, as well as running timetabled group sessions.


We offer Guided Imagery relaxation 3 times per week on a 'drop in' basis and in some situations on an individual requirement. These sessions are led by our Cancer Support Specialists and can provide you with techniques to manage stress and anxiety at home.

Stress management and sleep guidance

Our Stress Management course is for anyone who has, or has had cancer, and their families and friends. It is a five week course during which you can try out various methods of relaxation including; controlling anxious thoughts, meditation, visualisation and relaxation. It is facilitated by our Psychologist and will help you to become more resiliant to future stressful events. The focus of the Sleep course is to help you regain your normal sleep pattern which can often be disrupted due to a cancer diagnosis, treatment or caring for someone with cancer. it is led by one of our Cancer Support Specialists and is a two week course.

Will writing

The Centre holds regular will writing workshops led by local solicitors. in these sessions discussions will take place around the importance of writing a will and the solicitor will offer help and guidance on this and related matters.

Other support services

Mindfulness is a 'drop in' class led by our Psychologist. This class helps you to focus on the 'here and now' and offers a way of freeing yourself from unhelpful ways of thinking and responding to stressful situations and events. Cancer In The Workplace is a session run for HR professionals and line managers who have experience of cancer in their workforce. The aim of the session is to share information and strategies for dealing with cancer challenges in the workplace. The sessions are led by our Cancer Support Specialist and Benefits Advisor.