Marie Curie

It is important to get the right care if you're living with a terminal illness; but it's also essential to get the right support network in place for you and your family. Our Helper service can offer you regular support from a trained volunteer.

Everyone is different, but the types of support our Helper volunteers give often include: Companionship and emotional support, practical help for example, helping you get to an appointment or run an errand, a short break for families and carers and bereavement support. The Helper volunteers can provide up to 3 hours of support per week completely free of charge.

Support Services

Age specific support

Marie Curie provides care and support for anyone over the age of 18.

Bereavement support

Following the loss of a loved one, a Marie Curie volunteer can continue to visit providing the family with much needed support through their bereavement. There is no specific period of time but this typically can be anything up to 3 - 4 months.

Carer support

Our Helper volunteers not only support those living with a terminal illness but also family members who are caring for them. They too may require some companionship and emotional support or short carer respite. Knowing their loved ones are in safe hands with the Helper volunteer, carers can use that time for a short break or to run a few errands for themselves.

Transport assistance

Marie Curie Helper Volunteers can assist with transport to and from medical appointments, run errands, trips out etc.

Wellbeing support

Our Helper volunteers can signpost and accompany people living with a terminal illness to other support agencies where they can access specialist services.

Will writing

Marie Curie offers a FREE will writing service to the person living with a terminal illness.

Financial advice

Our project can provide information and signposting on a range of matters

Practical support

Our project can assist with applications for Bluebadges; assist with the completion of forms for benefits and housing; help with applying for financial assistance by way of charitable Grants